Our only assigned task yesterday was for Ernie to get his blood drawn. He managed without a wheelchair (his choice). Oh, and by the way, I wrote to Carle and asked about wheelchairs at the Cancer Center. They gave me a call and said all I had to do was ask the valet parking attendant and they would get someone to push the wheelchair. Good to know!!

For some reason we were both bleary and sleepy and felt like we couldn’t keep our eyes open. I blamed it on the weather, but it was also a long week. When we got home we both napped for a bit on and off. Leo got off work early and Owen came by (Trinity is on vacation without him…I may see more of him this week…the poor boy was missing her already). It’s always a good day when I get to see both my boys.

Today is Eileen’s memorial service. I am very sad not to be there. Very sad, but I am there in spirit.

Ernie is slowly feeling a bit better. He actually ate a bit of dinner last night!! I have been dragging myself to the kitchen to throw together meals to try to get him to eat. I can’t give in and order out because there’s nothing I can order that he would eat. Thursday night I made asparagus fried rice. Some leftover rice (quite leftover, ahem), asparagus and peas. I realized I was out of soy sauce so just threw a few dashes of fish sauce and a tiny bit of sesame oil in it. He didn’t eat much but did at least manage some pieces of asparagus.

And something that’s not a close up so you get a sense of what a disaster my kitchen is.

Yesterday flew by (that’s what happens when you nap) and I realized I needed to try to get something in him. I defrosted some boneless skinless chicken thighs. I’d come up with various plans for them but I realized I had to pull something together immediately or Ernie would be too tired to eat. So I just took two chicken thighs, cut them into pieces and quickly sauteed them until done and then put them on top of the leftover asparagus and rice. I patted the chicken with some paper towel to make sure it wouldn’t seem greasy. It worked! He actually ate a good bit and had several pieces of chicken. I was so happy to get some protein in him because none of the normal vegetarian sources of protein sound good to him. Not my best culinary effort, but it got the job done.

I was so happy he ate! SWEET VICTORY!

He’s even eaten a couple of bananas, which Bob sanctioned.

For Ernie’s birthday Owen and Trinity got him a model car kit and a little lap tray thingy so he could work on it. Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Ernie and his brothers did tons of these when they were kids. I can not even tell you how many times we see an old car and Ernie tells me he had a model of that. My sweet peas.

Today will be yet another quiet day, letting my boy recover a bit until he starts the whole process again. Hopefully these new chemo’s will be a little less cruel.

Onward. Much love to you all. It’s an enjoy every sandwich kind of day.

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