So much for all that “the chemo was approved” celebration. Our coordinator called back and said she’d made a mistake and that it had been denied. It will now have to be appealed and she told Ernie to let Vasireddy know.


Very frustrated and concerned that Ernie is currently without treatment. Contacted the doctor’s office again.

Also, after about a half dozen emails to Carle billing I finally got an answer. They told me exactly the same thing I had said in my first email. And MyCarle still shows that I owe money. Sigh.

I found out this morning that an old friend, an incredible, and as my friend V’ron noted, elegant, bass player, Tom Broeske passed away. He was 64 and it was reportedly unexpected. I came downstairs and reported the news to Ernie and he broke down in tears. It’s all just too much some days. We send our love and sympathy to his wife, Mimi, and his son as well as everyone else that loved him. Here are Ernie and Tom being goofy at some unremembered, probably post Mabel’s party in the 1980’s probably at the time they both worked at Record Service.

I actually had planned a cheerful non-cancer blog post. Ah, well, that went to hell, didn’t it? However, life DOES have its bright spots. Examples below:

Look who visited yesterday and was just sweet as pie. My girl Daisy. The tots are taking her to see Dr Mary now and I’m pleased as I know she’ll have good care. Just look at that girl. She deserves the best. ❤️

I must admit I love it when people bring me flowers!! Thank you, Pat and Diane, for the flowers and gifts and the tears and the love. You do our hearts good.


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