1. I had no idea that Naomi Wolf had become a conspiracy theoriest/anti-vaxxer. On a similar note (?), and I have no idea why this just came to me, when I read Gone With the Wind as a kid, I had no fucking idea what all their political meetings were. I didn’t figure that out for a long, long time.

2. A couple of weeks ago, it was a rainy evening and Ernie wasn’t feeling good so we actually paid money to watch the newest Downton Abbey movie. Good God, I guess I enjoyed it to a degree, but honestly, it is terrible.

3. Yesterday Ernie made me a toasted fried egg sandwich for breakfast. He left the yolk nice and runny but still got a teensy bit of the white a bit browned and crispy. I tell you, that man IS the egg master. Gluten free bread tends to be on the small side but he managed to squeeze two fried eggs in there with a bit of mayo and a dash of salt, served on a Buffalo Pottery blue willow plate. I wish I had a picture. The yolk ran all over the plate so I just dragged the sandwich through it. It was so good that after I ate it Ernie said I looked as though I’d just had sex. I love him.

4. I’ve sent off my first email in the regrouping/replanning of Ernie’s treatment that needs to take place ASAP. Also requested help interpreting the genomic sequencing. The results finally showed up in his MyCarle account but I can make neither heads nor tails of them. I rather dreaded it being Monday today because it means we need to deal with all this shit.

5. Summer meal: grilled pork, corn on the cob and avocado and tomato drizzled with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper. Those little pieces of avocado nestled among the tomatoes might have won the plate, but the pork was pretty great too.

6. We haven’t gotten anything from Farmer Greg in what feels like a long time. However it is berry season (picture at top) and we have a weakness for those. Fresh raspberries….mmmmm.

7. I went down the rabbit hold of past homes the other day. I realized that pictures of most apartments and houses are all online now. Here is my grandparents’ house in Maine, the one I thought was so magical (you have to click on the street view image to pull up the other images). It’s actually less changed than I had imagined. Kitchen has been redone. Carpet pulled up on the first floor. The back yard looks so different. When I was a kid that row of evergreens in the back was so thick that you couldn’t see the houses beyond them. There was a birdbath back there and it’s where my grandfather would bury the lobster shells. I was sure someone would have pulled out those corner cupboards in the dining room but there they are! Oh, and they added a door and deck on the back which is nice.

Ok. That’s all I’ve got although I may post later. I know I’m posting a lot. As always, even if you happen to love me, feel free to ignore. It just helps to get it all out.