1. First and foremost, thank you for the thoughtful and supportive comments, both here and on Facebook. I can’t thank you enough. Yesterday was a rough day. Some days it just all comes crashing down on you emotionally and I gotta say, between the two of us, a lot of tears were shed yesterday. It comes down to feeling so utterly helpless. Kindness helps a lot though, so thank you for that.

2. Somebody from Health Alliance called in the afternoon (notably NOT our care coordinator) to let us know that the initial denial was upheld again. They said it was because there were no studies to show those two drugs used together and therefore it could be dangerous. I thanked her politely for calling. Later, Vasireddy’s nurse called and we talked about it. She’s been incredibly kind. We will regroup next week.

3. They finally uploaded the results of the genomic testing but I could make neither heads nor tails of it. Next week.

4. I had a headache and stinging eyes all day long. There was no way in hell we were going to cook. We ordered some Indian food and it was lovely. Indian can be tricky, not because of gluten, but because I can’t eat much garlic and onion. I tried to order thoughtfully though and it worked out pretty great. We can get tied into using the same flavors sometimes so it’s refreshing to have something different. We got it from Ambar but would appreciate any recommendations for other places/dishes! I love those vegetable pakora! Yes, they are fried but it’s not regular flour, it’s gram flour which is better for me.

5. The boys had a great time at the Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives. They were, of course, utterly fantastic. In my ever increasing ineptitude I completely forgot about the Indiana time change. Fortunately I worry enough that I made them leave early so it worked out fine. Sadly, I guess these days you have to buy a VIP ticket to get a chance for pics/autographs. I SO wanted a picture of Ernie and Kenny Vaughan together. Oh, well. I told Ernie to take some pictures during the show and send them to me. The only I got was the one at top. Heh. I love my boys so much. Ernie said Owen spent much of the show grabbing his shoulder excitedly. I am so pleased. My sweet peas.

6. There’s nothing better than a surprise package from Mary Sack. I love my stress banana as well as the CD!!

7. I think we have to shave Hattie’s knots off, or rather have someone else shave her knots off. She has sadly gotten all matted. The knots happened when she started not doing well. Before that she always had the softest, silkiest fur although she always did hate being brushed. For a while I was trying to cut or work the knots out and she hated it so much she started avoiding me. Then I let her be and the knots would slowly loosen and I could pull or cut them without her objecting too much. Suddenly (well, given my attention span these days, who knows) she has gotten much, much worse. I think we’re going to have to take her in as I think they are finally bothering her. Poor tough little girl.

8. Last but not least, go buy your tickets for the Black-Volk Festival. It will cheer me up and I could use it. Oh, and look at the Eventbrite when you do…Mary Sack updated it with more info. My friends are amazing.