1. I must say I am not feeling terribly ambitious today. Normally I at least PLAN to do something productive but eh, I’m not feeling it. I’m telling myself it’s a holiday though, because Ernie and Owen are off to see Marty Stuart AND the Fabulous Superlatives tonight. I can’t say I won’t be worrying up a storm, and I know it will wear him out but I swear it will do his heart good. You know how I always say that Ian Hunter gives me the power when I see him live? I think that’s what Marty and Kenny and Chris and Harry are going to do tonight for both Ernie and Owen. So think good thoughts that everything goes smoothly.

In this video Marty comments on the current status of the water tower in Johnny Cash’s hometown.

2. I did talk to one of Vasireddy’s nurses yesterday and she was great. She shared my frustration and said she had been making calls and ALSO found out that Health Alliance seemingly missed Ernie’s diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma (bladder cancer). She has sent off documentation and crossed fingers it will now be approved. Feel free to send good thoughts on this debacle too.

I felt better after talking to her and she gave me her direct line so I will follow up with her later if I don’t hear anything. I got the results of the genomic sequencing of the tumor. Honest to God, I just had to laugh. Here are the results in MyCarle:

That’s it. There’s nothing below, there’s nothing to click. There are no results there. I will bitch about it soon enough but I don’t have the energy right now. It does kinda amuse me.

3. On a different note, Ernie is greatly enjoying his model. It makes me smile every time he picks up his little tray to work on it.

4. Leo heads off on a train trip this weekend to Kentucky and West Virginia ending in a meet-up to see some train stuff in Shenandoah. He’ll be gone over a week and when he gets back it’s not long before he takes off to visit England to see his beloved Tal. I’m so glad he’s doing all this but I will miss him just the same. He’s such a strong and steady gentle support for us.

5. I just realized that it is only a MONTH to the day that the Black-Volk Festival happens and we get to share my birthday with the magnificent likes of Rod Picott, RB Morris and Bark. Don’t forget to get your tickets at Eventbrite!