I have lots more posts to write Black-Volk Festival but I will interrupt for a return to real life. We’re still feeling the giddy glow but we’ve had three appointments thus far this week with one more to go tomorrow.

Ernie of course headed back to the hospital in style (more B-V Festival shirts and posters available soon—just let me get organized).

Afterwards we went out to breakfast at OHOP. It was delightful and just made think about how much I want to do a wander as that’s when we normally eat meals like this. Maybe the week after next if Ernie’s holding up ok.

For dinner we had some lovely Canadian salmon (thank you Fats and KR). We also had some incredible blackberries from Farmer Greg. I took a half or cup or so and slowly cooked them for a few minutes until they started to soften. Then I mashed them and mixed in another half cup or so of fresh berries. Added a bit of salt and that was it. Next time I’d play around with it a little more in terms of seasoning but I was trying to follow a NYT recipe. I’m not good at following recipes but sometimes I try. We seared the salmon until the skin was crispy and served the blackberries over it, with some lovely little zucchini on the side.

Maybe a bit of olive oil with the blackberries and maybe fennel seed or cumin seed?? It was great as is though.

Ernie enjoyed a pre-chemo bit of Belle Meade bourbon (thank you Mary). Tastes all the better in a nice flint 1850ish tumbler.

Sadly, we did not get Pod Four in the infusion suite. Pod Two is SOOOOO loud. We did however get to enjoy a huge shelf cloud speeding its way over us, so you know, you take your pleasures where you find them.

That’s all I’ve got. More BVF reporting soon!!


The sunflower at the top is known as Buster. I’m very fond of him. He just popped up, reseeding himself, when he thought we might need a sunflower this summer. I love Buster.