Bark was our last house concert before the pandemic, on Valentine’s Day 2020. We had no idea what was coming, for us or for for the whole world, but what we DID know that night was that we absolutely loved Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee. As I said the other night, it’s the Amy Rigby Effect (ARE)—when you meet someone and they feel like old friends. So we were delighted when Teri told me the lineup for the night. Our beloved BARK!!! Then when she told me they would also back up RB Morris, well the top of my head almost popped off.

They also designed, coordinated and donated the Black-Volk Festival t-shirts to sell. These folks are indeed multi-talented and ridiculously generous. Oh, and I meant what I said the other night, I really DO want to be Susan Bauer Lee in my next life.

Tim and Susan, we just love you guys to pieces.

My friend Sue has a knack for capturing moments. I love this. Thanks, Sue.

video by Sue Davis

“… a lo-fi post-punk garage-rock combo inspired by American blues and roots revisionists like the Cramps, the Gun Club, and R.L. Burnside ….”

Knoxville Mercury
photo by Veronica Rusnak
photo by Veronica Rusnak
photo by Van DeLisle
photo by Van DeLisle

Thank you with all my heart Tim and Susan. You made Black-Volk Festival so very special.


Top photo by Veronica Rusnak

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