Friday night, I walked out of the media room to see Bob coming down the stairs. It is always rather slow going for him but then he seemed to slip down the last few steps. Then I watched as he tried to walk. It wasn’t good.

We know he’s been slowly getting weaker. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a little over a year ago so we knew this day was coming. I haven’t been posting many pictures of him because he’s just gotten increasingly quiet and reserved, although his love for Ernie has never wavered. Remember when Ernie came home from twelve days in the hospital and Bob immediately claimed his territory?

Or when Ernie had the audacity to go sit on the porch and leave Bob inside? Poor Bob sat like this at the door the whole time Ernie was outside.

Saturday morning his back legs were failing him so we got him into the vet (we adore Dr. Mary at All Creatures).

Well, it’s not good, folks.

Our boy is dying. Some of his bloodwork was so off the charts that the test couldn’t even register it. We couldn’t put him down then as we knew Owen had to see him. So we brought him home. We have made an appointment to go in Monday morning with Owen.

Dr. Mary gave him some fluids and we have some potassium gel to get into him to see if that relieves him a bit. She did warn us that he might pass before tomorrow morning.

Some folks have been asking about how he is (didn’t mean to vague post on Facebook) so I thought I’d just give this update as I’m not up to responding otherwise.

I mean, we’ve loved all our pets and grieved the loss of them. But….Bob, well, Bob is special. I won’t deny that this is hard and a lot of tears are being shed.

Ernie and Bob. Bob and Ernie.

Send prayers that we are able to keep him comfortable today. It will be a quiet day with Bob today.

5 thoughts on “BobWatch

  1. So sorry, you guys. Yes we’ve all been through this before but it never gets easier. My thoughts are with you.🙁

  2. I’m just incredibly sad for you and for Bob, and I’ve never even met him. What a splendid, loving, devoted creature.