1. We’ve been watching the Dave Grohl and his mother series, Cradle to the Stage, and been enjoying it. It’s kinda like a long Dave Grohl documentary in some ways but that’s ok. I loved the Geddy Lee episode. Now they should do a series on mothers that supported their musician children that DIDN’T end up hugely successful. THAT could be very interesting.

2. We’ve also been watching a British show called Trying and I swear to God I have laughed out loud at this more than anything I can recall in recent history. Delightful.

3. Late at night when I’m trying to convince myself to fall asleep, and don’t want to waste a good novel on sleepy reading, I’ve been reading a truly trashy memoir of a groupie from the Salt Lake City scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Favorite line thus far:

Opium and honey mustard dressing,
those were the two things I had discovered on this outing.
Only one could last.

4. First tomato sandwich of the season is in the books. I was jealous of Ernie’s bread but mine was still great. So. damn. good.

5. After writing about Lubec the other day I noted that both of my phone’s lock screens are pictures from Lubec. One’s a picture of Ernie on the beach looking gorgeous, the other a shot from last fall when we were there.

6. I came across a list I’d made of things I thought I should write about but now many of them don’t make sense to me any longer.

Let’s see.

I don’t know what the egg of death was but I do remember agreeing that it sounded like a Richard and Linda Thompson song.

Swiss army man? No idea.

Olney phone. Oh, this was when I thought we should have David Olney record our voice mail messages.

Death of the Coneflower. Well, it DOES sound like a Leonard Cohen song.

80’s music closet. Oh, I was always going to write an ode to the little closet off the living room in our house in Ypsilanti. We had a record crate or two of records with the stereo on top of it. I would drag a big bean bag in there and curl up and play record after record. It was a wonderful little spot where you felt like you were in your own world.

Say no to Fostoria. For the longest time Ernie wanted a bumper sticker that said this. Nothing wrong with Fostoria glass, mind you. Ernie’s just a snob.

Oh, too many to keep going as I need to get up and do some stuff. I do wish I could remember what the Tired of the Running O’Kanes joke was.

I should go get busy. Lots of stuff to do. Bob is coming over later to pick up some sound equipment. I think it’s looking doubtful Owen will be there on Saturday but we shall see. We’ve got someone coming later this morning to assess our mouse situation (I think the kitchen count is around 27 but it has slowed. ugh). Ernie’s currently mopping the kitchen floor. For the exterminator? For Bob? Just because he’s crazy? I’ll try to keep him from getting too tired out. Ok, off I go.

Sorry for the scattered post.

Don’t forget: two days left to get tickets!


Top photo: a photo grab out the car window the other day

2 thoughts on “Completely random notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. oh!! swiss army man is a RIDICULOUS movie! my abs still hurt from laughing when i watched it a few years ago hahahaha

    also, I will be in louisville, ky for an album release show on the day of the fest, but I SO wish I could be there and hope you all have the most wonderful time!! <3

  2. “Opium and honey mustard dressing…” What a great line. That must be a fabulously trashy book you’re reading!!! Enjoy!!!