It will be a quiet day here despite all the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. We hemmed and hawed about having folks over as we usually do on the Fourth, but eventually decided we just weren’t up to it. Not that my friends aren’t welcome to wander over to my yard to watch, I just don’t know if we’ll be there or not.

Yesterday was a hard day. One of those that just comes along sometimes. We went out the night before for awhile to Teri and Brian’s and it was lovely, so good to see folks. Ernie faded kinda quickly though and woke up yesterday not feeling great. So yesterday we let ourselves wallow a bit, watched a lot of bad tv and talked and eventually ordered pizza. My eyes stung all day long from tears but sometimes you have to let them out.

Owen came by to wash his car (I guess he doesn’t have a hose at his house???) and he stayed and chatted for a while which of course cheered us greatly. Leo was supposed to return today from his Virginia trip today but because of some weather and train stuff he came back early and got home around 9ish or so last night. It will be nice to have him around today and he’ll get to relax a bit and edit some of his photos. I have a hunch he got some great ones—seeing just a few previews last night. Friday he turns around takes off for England to see his beloved Tal. Think good thoughts for all his travel to go smoothly. Owen’s driving him up to O’Hare but we still need to figure out his trip back home. Well, he has to lol. I don’t how my sweet peas have become such MEN.

I didn’t take much in the way of pictures the other night at Teri and Brian’s but when Sasha sits down next to you and pulls out her fan, well hell, you have to take a picture. It was good to see her. Her words after Eileen’s death were a comfort to me. She’s one of the few that could truly understand. Driving home later (the picture at top–please forgive the dirty windshield shot) the sky and our little town looked beautiful.

Yesterday Ernie and I kept finding ourselves watching a tv show with someone dying of cancer or dealing with loss, etc., etc. However, I recalled that I had recently signed up for the Hallmark channel again as….you got it….it’s Christmas in July! I will never forget the year we went to Maine in July and my grandmother deemed it Christmas in July and had made meat pie (tourtière) and used her Christmas tablecloth.

So we decided to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. It was about 15 years old, had Henry Winckler in it and was WONDERFUL! I think maybe the old Hallmark Christmas movies are better than the new ones. Ernie had, somewhat unusually requested pizza for dinner. We know that Papa Del’s often stops taking orders early these days so we ordered at 4:50, planning to keep pizza warm and eat it later. However they had already stopped taking orders for the day. I poked around and finally ended up ordering Rosati’s and damn if it wasn’t great. Great flavors in the crust and the sauce. Ernie got a regular pizza and they even cut it in squares as it should be (sniff, sniff, still miss you Alberto’s in Rogers Park). AND they got my gluten-free nice and crispy. Not cheap, but then again, neither is Papa Del’s. As always, you usually get what you pay for. As always, leftover pizza makes for a delightful breakfast.


2 thoughts on “July 4, 2022

  1. Nice photo. It makes Downtown look less dingy with the sunset/clouds. Too bad the News-Gazette sign is still up. Free advertising, I guess. Or maybe they’re paying the new owner to follow typical Champaign practice and leave it up interminably.

  2. I’ve never tried Rosati’s but it sounds great-now I want to!
    Love you guys-let me know if I can run to the store for you or whatever…