It wasn’t our standard Fourth of July celebration but we enjoyed the day just the same.

Potato salad was made.

I don’t think it was my best potato salad ever but Ernie loved it and that’s all that matters. I used pretty little gold potatoes from farmer Greg but I kinda missed the taste of a slightly overcooked russet. Next time. Since I can’t use onion I add chopped celery to give it a bit of crunch. Not bad.

Pork was pulled. Tomatoes were chopped.

Although we didn’t have folks over, Heather, Steve and Eva wandered by and hung out. I immediately turned over photo documentation of the evening to Eva, although Heather took a few too.

Leo even came down and hung out with us which was delightful.

Tonight we’re going to see Eric Ambel/Sarah Borges (and former Bottle Rocket Keith Voegele). Hopefully we’ll manage it. Ernie went to the store yesterday, to Home Depot for charcoal (he refuses to buy it from the grocery store) and then stopped at Schnuck’s and it was WAY too much for him. I think I am curtailing his shopping from now on.

My beloved Eric Ambel singing a Del Lords song

Tomorrow we’re off to the Cancer Center for the first round of his newest regimen. Keytruda and Jeftana….or as I’m trying to remember, pembrolizumab and cabazitaxel. Given all the kerfuffle that has gone on around this we’re not entirely sure of all the details. Normally we would see Vasireddy first but I think he wanted to get Ernie started ASAP so we see him the following day.

There’s a lot to be determined but tonight we’ll listen to rock and roll and it will give us some power.


An NRBQ song to finish up the set

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