I told myself I was going to get all my thank you notes (via email, not handwritten, sorry Mom) done before I wrote a blog post but that’s just not gonna work. I need to say something about the magical event we had the other night and I can’t wait until I get all those thank you’s written!

Honestly, I’d been so focused on the artists coming that I sort of forgot it was my birthday. We never do huge birthday around here. Not that I don’t feel compelled to make everyone wait on my when it’s my birthday, but let’s face it, I do that a lot.

This is the only birthday party I remember every having, and I’m sure it was lovely, but damn, Saturday was a hell of a step up!

That’s me on the far left and my best friend Ellen in the center.

I guess CynthiaFest was a birthday party (ten years ago) but I threw it myself so that is different. But Black-Volk Festival? Damn, it truly felt like a party. You all made us feel loved.

I was worried for the last few months that Ernie might not be able to be there. Back in April and May it seemed unimaginable. Here we are though, he was there and feeling pretty good! The one thing I never worried about was my children being there! Sadly, Owen and Trinity had to miss it because of COVID. They are on the upswing now though.

BVF took so many people to make it happen. I will gush more as we go along but right off I must thank Teri McCarthy, Brian Goodnight, my beloved Mary Sack, Carrie and Bill East, Ann and Bob Rasmus, Mary King and Jonathan Hall, Heather Munson, Steve Campbell, Renee Pollock, and Michelle Gonzales for making all of this happen.

More thanks: Lisa Little and Prairie Fruits Farm for their generosity (oh, and they just won some more awards) and Lisa’s extraordinary planning and organizational skills. Elliott Counseling (Kevin Elliott and Sandra Ahten), Dixon Graphics (Lance Dixon), Black Dog Smoke & Ale House (Mike Cochran and Pedro Heller), my beloved Esquire (Jackie and co.), Circles Boutique (Danelle), Furniture Lounge (Amanda McWilliams), C-U Folk and Roots Festival (Rob Krumm and co.) and of course Corson Music (Dyke Corson). All of them generously sponsored this and helped cover so many expenses. They made it happen.

Honestly, these are local businesses/organizations that are very good at what they do and also care about community. You can’t go wrong with any of these folks.

Then, of course, the music. It was all so perfect it almost seems like a dream. If you didn’t get a chance to buy any merch, here are their websites so you can buy something or just keep an eye on what they’re doing.

Rod Picott

Bark! (Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee)

RB Morris

Greg Horne

I also must thank the weather gods because I don’t know who else could have arranged for it to rain and cool down for the duration of the evening—only to start getting thick and humid as everyone packed up. Crazy, but thank you weather gods! And why didn’t I get bitten by mosquitos?

Something was in the air on Saturday. Something was definitely in the air.

My only regret (other than missing Owen and Trinity) was that I just didn’t get to talk to everyone. A couple of people reassured me that it’s just like at a wedding. We had less than two dozen people at our wedding, so what do I know but….damn…I’m so sorry if I missed you and I know I missed a LOT of folks. It just flew by in a blur. A delicious, happy blur. Please know that even if we didn’t get a chance to chat, we so loved that you were there.

SOOOOO much more to post, but for now I will leave you with a few pictures.

Oh, and we will be selling some t-shirts and maybe posters—watch this space, as they say!

Love to you all. Those of you that made it happen, those of you that came, those of you that donated, those of you that thought of us. Love to every single one of you.

Oh, I must say, normally I try to be careful about giving photo credits but damn if I haven’t confused myself. I’m going to a general thank you to Van DeLisle and Eva and who knows who else!! Photo at the top is Michelle Gonzales.