Damn it. Owen has COVID. As does Trinity.

Leo doesn’t but sounds horrific. How many people do I have to worry about at one time for God’s sake?

Ok, let’s back up. So, as you may know, poor Leo missed his flight from London because of train delays as he was heading there from Warrington. The options for rebooking were lousy so he ended up with an almost ten hour layover in DC. He arrived there late and tired, only to find that while he flew IN to Dulles, he was flying OUT of Reagan. We texted back and forth a bit trying to figure out it was worth it to get a hotel but it was going to come down to about three hours sleep and more hassle. So a lot of waiting to get through Customs and an $86 Lyft rid to Reagan, then more waiting. All the while still feeling miserable, although he is much better (he tested negative for COVID).

Our alarm went off at 4:25 yesterday and let’s just say, I don’t do well with things like that. All I could think was, “Oh, bed, I can’t wait to come back to you.” Ernie kindly drove as he wakes at that time naturally.

one of these days we’ll clean that windshield

I thought I’d given us enough time to account for traffic on 294 but poor Leo still had to wait for us. We finally scooped him up though and I was SO DAMN HAPPY to see him. He sounds horrific. Poor sweet pea. Tal took good care of him though and got him to the doctor—I am so grateful to her.

Leo used to HATE that little mirror that let me see in the back seat. He’s used to me by now.

The drive back home was uneventful. I finished up the driving with a dark haired boy asleep in the back seat, and a silver haired boy asleep in the passenger seat.

Owen texted me as we were driving back and said he’d been sick and so did a COVID home test and it was positive.

Damn it.

He called Convenient Care and they told him to come in and get tested. He did. The nurse he had told him it would take an hour to get a room (for treatment??? I’m not sure) and gave him a test. He was positive so she told him to treat it like a cold and sent him on his way. I asked him if she said anything about how long to quarantine. Nope. Not a word. Now, granted the after visit summary gives info and Owen’s smart enough to look up the CDC’s recommendations but geez.

Of course, now Trinity has it. My poor little tater tots. I asked him if they need food or anything delivered but he said no. He will technically be done with quarantine this week so if he tests negative on Saturday he will still be able to be there. Hopefully he will, otherwise not sure who will set up the sound. I’m sure it will all work out. Hopefully Leo will be better and still able to be there. I guess Trinity is out. I’m so sad.

However, we will of course muddle through. I’m SO excited about Saturday. I just can’t wait to see folks and hear my beloved Rod, RB, Greg and Bark!

Ok, YES, it’s going to be hot on Saturday. That’s what I get for having a birthday in late July (never got to celebrate my birthday at school either, which when you’re little, is a big deal). However, there will be an air conditioned room for food and drink and cooling AND, don’t forget that it doesn’t start until 5:30 so it will have started cooling off.

Think good thoughts for all my babies. Here I was worrying so much as to whether Ernie would be able to be at the show, and now it’s Leo and Owen I’m worrying about! I had my eyes checked the other day. The doctor was a young guy and as we chit-chatted he said he had a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. I said, “Oh, wow, you’re in the thick of it. Well, mine are 20 and 22 but I still worry as though they’re 1 1/2 and 2 1/2!” He said, “Oh, noooo, don’t tell me that!.” Yup.

Here’s some updated info for Saturday (i.e. you may want to bring chairs but there will be some and picnic tables, etc).

Ok, onward. Let’s all do our damnedest to stay healthy!!

2 thoughts on “Of shakers and tots and COVID and sound

  1. Birthdays in the summer (I’m August, you know) are a big deal in high school, too!!!! In school you get to wear ribbons with candy on them all day!!!! I wanted one so bad!!!! The number of bows with ribbons on them showed how popular you are.