1. Our damned dryer isn’t working.

2. Why does Ernie torture himself by reading ALL the mail and paperwork from Health Alliance and Simplete, etc? He gets all stressed out when he sees things about his hospital stay costing $120,000 and insurance is ‘pending.’ I swear he shouldn’t even open them.

3. As much as I tell him not to read all of it I got myself caught up in looking up billing statements and expenses myself. I can just feel my anxiety rising. You know how sometimes during fundraising efforts, people will create a giant thermometer and keep adding red to it as the total rises? That’s how I see my anxiety….like a giant thermometer with people running over with new pieces of red cardboard.

4. I was incredibly grumpy yesterday. I don’t know why and I took it out on poor Owen who just came over to try to figure out my lights weren’t working (sorry, sweet pea). That’s right, my beloved lights are out and Owen figured it out: the fucking squirrels are chewing through the wires. I have NEVER had this happen before and am somewhat distraught. So I need to not just get rid of mice but also somehow repel squirrels. Damn it. I was trying to focus on the nibbled cords but when Bob appeared in the picture my phone immediately focused on him because, well, he’s Bob.

5. I upped our Xfinity account to stupid levels of speed and our TV finally stopped sputtering and stopping periodically. I also decided to rent a modem as ours is ancient. Ernie tried to hook it up and couldn’t get things to work. Went back to our old one. Now the goal is to not let the new one NOT sit there…either return it or use it.

6. We know we have a mouse hanging out upstairs around the cats’ food bowl. Turns out we have TONS of them in the basement. Sigh. I ordered mouse traps. Any other advice?

Goals today (we’re going for small, achievable goals):

  • put new cat litter in litter box (I’m on a hunt for the perfect cat litter. I know, it’s hopeless)
  • wash bathroom sink, consider the rest of the bathroom
  • read up some more on pembrolizumab and cabazitaxel
  • maybe watch an Australian MasterChef episode. There are only a few with my beloved Matt Preston left. Sniff, sniff.
  • See friends

Leo has been sending some lovely updates as he chases trains and some old train signals in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia.


Top photo: beautiful salad left on my porch by the wonderful Sandra Ahten. ❤️

One thought on “Random notes from my increasingly random brain

  1. Damn rodents of all stripes and types.!!!!!!!!! So mean of them to chew on the lights that cheered you up.
    After YEARS of leaving the vinyl cushions on our porch furniture alone (furniture inherited from my mother over ten years ago), the squirrels decided last year to nibble off quite a bit of the rolled cording that defines the shape of the cushions, leaving them looking shopworn and ratty. Halfway through the job, they decided they’d had their fill of vinyl, so now we have both “before” and “after.” I’d like to drop-kick all of them horrid beasties into the 22nd century.