We are absolutely beyond thrilled that RB Morris will be playing at Black-Volk Fest, with the wonderful Greg Horne and Bark backing him up! Side note: time to get your tickets, folks!

This is what I wrote after the first time RB played at our house:

It’s funny….when we first had RB play here, we had  never seen him live or met him before. I, of course, obsessively read everything I could about him, as I do, and reading all these things about his many talents as a musician, a poet, a playwright, a literary and artistic force….I felt as though he might be a tad intimidating….a big ‘edgy’ if you will. And then this sweet man with the quiet smile showed up and I was just knocked over. We fell in love with him hard…and his beautiful, beautiful voice and music and words.

One of the last few times I talked to my beloved Nick Rudd we talked about RB. The last message I sent him was to let him know that we’d booked a show with RB (the show was lost to the pandemic of course).

RB Morris is the greatest unknown songwriter in the country.

Lucinda Williams

This post has been sitting in my drafts because I can’t seem to properly articulate what is so special about RB. Brilliant, talented, kind, charming. You’ve heard it all before. Hell, I think you’re just going to have to come and hear him. Honestly, come hear him, not for my sake, for your sake. He is that special.

Here is a picture of last time we saw him with full band in Nashville opening for David Olney in 2014. I gotta say, he almost, ALMOST blew Olney off the stage. Of course that didn’t happen because, you know, Olney, but DAMN. That was a great night.

Second time he played at our house, with Greg Horne. So glad Greg will be with him this time!

I pretty much love every possible version of this song, That’s How Every Empire Falls. John Prine liked RB so much that he signed him to Old Boy Records and recorded this song. I love this acoustic version…then I listen to the rocking version at the old Family Wash. I don’t know….you decide. You can find endless cover versions on YouTube by everyone from Marianne Faithful to Dan Stuart to Tim O’Brien. But, John Prine or no John Prine, RB’s version is the best….but which version??

That’s How Every Empire Falls

Caught a train from Alexandria
Just a broken man in flight
Running scared with his devils
Saying prayers all through the night
Oh but mercy can’t find him
Not in the shadows where he calls
Forsaking all his better angels
That’s how every empire falls

The bells ring out on Sunday mornng
Like echoes from another time
All our innocence and yearning
And sense of wonder left behind
Oh gentle hearts remember
What was that story? Is it lost?
For when religion loses vision
That’s how every empire falls.

He toasts his wife and all his family
The providence he brought to bear
They raise their glasses in his honor
Although this union they don’t share
A man who lives among them
Was still a stranger to them all
For when the heart is never open
That’s how every empire falls

Padlock the door and board the windows
Put the people in the street
“It’s just my job, ” he says “I’m sorry.”
And draws a check, goes home to eat
But at night he tells his woman
“I know I hide behind the laws.”
She says, “You’re only taking orders.”
That’s how every empire falls.

A bitter wind blows through the country
A hard rain falls on the sea
If terror comes without a warning
There must be something we don’t see
What fire begets this fire?
Like torches thrown into the straw
If no one asks, then no one answers
That’s how every empire falls.

We can’t wait! ❤️

Onward to the 23rd!