My poor sweet pea, Leo. He’s finally feeling slightly better, only to have to leave England today. His train got cancelled and then delayed because of heatwave speed restrictions. I have been in my bubble I guess because I hadn’t even seen news of the heatwave in Britain.

Transport services are expected to be disrupted on both Monday and Tuesday, with Network Rail asking people not to travel unless absolutely necessary and painting some train tracks white to try to prevent them from buckling in the heat.

The Guardian

Well, he did have to take the train but it was delayed enough that he missed his flight. The only option left is for him to fly into DC and then a nine hour layover before flying home from there. He gets in at 7:30 or so tomorrow morning. It will be an early morning to leave to get him. I can’t complain though. Poor guy is going to be utterly exhausted. Poor little salt and pepper shakers, not the trip they were planning but at least they got to be together. As I told Leo though, I think this means his next trip will HAVE to go smoothly.

Look at these beautiful creatures.

You can tell by his eyes that he’s not feeling well

Other news? Well, I’m getting excited about this Saturday’s Black-Volk Festival and seeing so many friends and loved ones. Today I need to track down some deliveries and battle Carle billing. Tomorrow will be Leo day. No doctor appointments this week although Ernie had a long phone call regarding pre-op stuff for his stent replacement that is coming up. Hope his blood levels allow that to take place. Fingers crossed.

We’re trying to do better not ordering out. I found that sometimes when you really don’t want to cook, a toasted cheese sandwich with some sublime strawberries and a few of Ernie’s potato chips makes for a perfect dinner. I found a gluten-free bread that I like (some really aren’t worth the effort or money): Canyon Bakehouse 9 grain. It tastes like bread and isn’t as miniscule as some gluten-free bread is. Oh, and those strawberries. Store bought but organic and absolute perfection.

Last night I threw some salt and sumac on a few pork chops. Somehow pork chops are very hard to buy online. I never get what I think I am getting. These were thicker than I expected so instead of just sautéing them, I seared each side quickly and then popped them in the oven for 10 minutes. Salad greens and luscious tomatoes rounded it out.

I know it’s cheesy to plug your own gofundme but what the hell….just FYI it ends on my birthday this Saturday. What an incredibly profound and humbling thing this has been.

And with that, onward.