We’ve had a not too bad week. And that is pretty fucking wonderful! Granted, we both dreaded going to the Cancer Center on Thursday but all went smoothly. We got Pod One, one of our least favorite pods. It was LOUD and crowded. However, we got some of our favorite nurses and were out of there in about four hours. Oh, and our appointment with Vasireddy was great. He said Ernie’s numbers were gwonderful. His immune system was in great shape and his kidney numbers were better and that Ernie looked great. Which, indeed, he did. The other day, when he was checking in for bloodwork, the person at the desk told him how great his hair looked. I told him, “You still got it, baby.” ❤️

He worked on his crossword puzzle until they dosed him up with Benedryl which made him sleepy. I read a novel off and on, then some news, and wished I could doze. Afterwards, we went to Fries and Peanuts for a post cancer center drink and some of the best fries in town. We used to do that as a regular thing but we haven’t in a long time. We hadn’t been there, just the two of us, sitting at our regular corner of the bar in what felt like eons. It felt good although I must admit we both kept thinking Ceal and Roger would walk in, Ceal with her inimitable, “Hello darling!”

It felt good to come home and have it behind us. It is strangely tiring even though I’m not the one getting it. I wish I could take more pictures but I try not to take anything with other patients. Where I was sitting the other day, with my back to the big bank of windows, it felt like there was a sea of people with their recliners out, lying under white heated blankets with IV’s dripping away. By the time we left it had emptied out and gotten quiet.

I actually ventured out into the yard and found some wonderful things despite the disaster of it all. I love these nicotiana. Oh, and speaking of butterflies, as we drove out of the alley a couple of monarchs fluttered around us.

When the sweet Autumn clematis blooms you know the end of summer is near.

And look at these two! Some of the seeds Susan so kindly planted made it through the weeds!!

Another tomato and cheese sandwich kind of night.


Oh, and I don’t know how I ended up with an upside down picture of Buster (top).

2 thoughts on “A Not-too-bad Week!

  1. I guessed you took the pic of Buster upward from lying in the grass. Instead, rotate is a great tool! We hope you have another good week.