I hate it when I think I’m cooking a really good meal and it turns out, meh.

Schnucks had some cheap strip steaks so I threw them in my InstaCart order. This is one of those times when if I’d seen it in person I’d probably have skipped it. You know what happens when you buy cheap steak? You get cheap steak. I also didn’t cook them particularly well. I did them in a cast iron skillet and managed to fill the house with smoke.

Win some, lose some. I don’t think I’ll want steak for quite some time.

Steak with summer tomatoes, sumac-corn fritters and burrata. The vegetables won the plate hands down.

We are working our way through the bounty of tomatoes from Heather and Steve. This might be the last day. This morning we yet again had toasted tomato cheese sandwiches for breakfast again and good lord in heaven….we used the yellow tomato. OMG.

Heather reports that it is a Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato. She said it’s not the most productive, but oh so good. It was freaking glorious. It tasted just as sunny as it looked. Sweet, sweet, sweet but just a hint of tang. I had to open up my sandwich and take a picture it was so damn good. Hence the tomato slice with mayonnaise on it.

We’re having a very quiet day. After a week of feeling pretty good, Ernie’s not feeling so hot today. As always, it’s a roller coaster. I hope he’ll feel up to the planned wander. I’ve been planning the route. Hopefully we will catch two more Louis Sullivan banks to add to our list. We shall see.


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