There’s nobody else like RB Morris.

There just isn’t.

Nope. Not a one.

And as much as I love RB any which way, acoustic, solo, duo, etc., RB with a band just fucking kills. And when that band is made up of the great Greg Horne and Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee. Well, hell. I get that floating feeling that I get when I’m in a field of golden flowers.

And Mockingbird was there.

As I said in my slightly rambling introduction (I think I rambled more as the night went on, ahem), I was a little intimidated by RB before I met him…I mean come on, he’s so damn talented. Then this lovely man with the soft voice and sweet smile showed up at our house. We just absolutely love him. The next time he played at our house he brought Greg Horne with him whom we loved as well.

A few years back we went down to Nashville to see David Olney playing at a record release thing…and who was opening? RB Morris. It was the first time I’d seen RB with a band. My, oh my. Oh my. As I said before, RB ALMOST blew Olney off the stage. ALMOST (because, hey, David Olney), but damn he was great. So yet again, I must say, when Teri told the line up for Saturday, the top of my head about popped off!

Oh, and one of my favorite moments of the night was when Greg Horne serenaded me with Waiting for my Gin to Hit Me (one of my favorite songs that the Skeletons did). I love you, Greg!

Hell, I don’t remember who took this picture

I watch some of the video clips and I’m just amazed that it all happened. It truly was magical.

photo by Van DeLisle
photo by Sasha Rubel

I must say, if you were at that show and didn’t get Distillery stuck in your head, well you need to listen to it again.

Thanks, RB, with all our love.

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