Well, damn. Well, shit would be more appropriate. The other day I walked in the bathroom and there was slightly brown liquid bubbling up through the shower drain. Plumber came out today and said we’ll need to get a sewer person. We have somebody coming out tomorrow.

There’s always something, huh? Although, on a bright note, most of our flies are gone. When we came home from our wander our little sticky things had gathered about 40+ flies. Ugh. My fly solution only cost $10 but I’m guessing the bathroom will be a tad more expensive.

Ernie’s not feeling great today. Very tired and a bad headache. We were supposed to have a friend over but I think we have to postpone. He should be perking up shortly as he has chemo at the end of next week. Next week is much busier. Hattie goes to the vet, I get an injection in my back and Ernie gets chemo.

As always, stress makes me spacey so we’re watching a marathon of Maine Cabinet Masters and I’m making a list of things to mention to the doctor next week.

So here, just to cheer us all up: look at the glory of this, get ready for a great name, electrolier. From the Sullivan bank in Owatonna, but designed by George Elmslie (later of Purcell & Elmslie). I think I might to have to start calling our overhead lights electroliers.

Ok, one more picture to make me happy before I go back to making lists and researching chemo side effects.

Sophie, Leo and Owen quite some time ago. I could look at this all day.


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