1. I must say, the house feels very strange without Bob. Ernie and I didn’t do much of anything yesterday. We watched tv, periodically pausing it when one of us was crying. Ernie sat where he always does, which meant leaving a little space between the arm of the couch and him so Bob could squeeze in. Yeah, this will take a while.

2. My mind is scattered. As I just told a friend, between the festival and feeling that love and then Bob going down so fast, I’m just a bit discombobulated. Oh, I didn’t even think that could be a Bob joke. hmmmm.

3. The other day our friend, Steve came by after work with gorgeous homegrown tomatoes and beans. As wonderful as that was, he happened to show up during some sort of harmonic convergence because just as he got there Leo got home from work, Owen and Trinity stopped by, as did Dennis. We all sat and chatted in our messy living room and I must say, it felt like a holiday.

4. We still had some of those wonderful blackberries that we used with the salmon so we did roasted chicken thighs with blackberries (feeling too lazy to grill). I thought I had bone in thighs, turns out I had boneless and skinless thighs. That worked. I just browned them a bit in a cast iron skillet, then flipped them over and topped them with blackberries and popped them in the oven. Once again, I think I should have added some cumin or fennel seed, but alongside the gorgeous green beans from Steve and Heather, it was delightful.

5. The next night we were all excited about having BLTs made with the tomatoes Steve brought over. I did an InstaCart order to prepare. I decided I wanted old-fashioned crispy iceberg lettuce. I got a message from my InstaCart shopper saying all the lettuce was green. I pondered this for a bit and and finally messaged back a question mark. Then she said, “oh, never mind, I was looking at your note about bananas. OK.

We went to pull out our BLT supplies and I thought the iceberg lettuce was unusually heavy. Turned out she got me a cabbage. Sigh. So here is our BT. Still pretty damn great.

6. Ok, the caution on this wikipedia page that we shouldn’t confuse the band Alabama 3 with Alabama’s 3rd Congressional district just cracked me up.

We watched the Sopranos precursor movie. I was utterly distracted by thinking about Bob so I can’t say whether it was good or not, but it reminded me that the Sopranos used Wake Up This Morning by A3. I always forget because I LOVED this album when it first came out and I didn’t watch Sopranos for years and years after. I looked them up on Wikipedia to see what year the album came out and that note about the Alabama congressional district just amused the hell out of me. Then again, I am easily amused.

7. Rationally I know it’s Tuesday today but I feel as though it’s the weekend. I’m all off. Thursday, Ernie has to have his stent replaced so it will be a day in the surgical waiting room. I’m hoping he gets an early-ish time slot.

8. Here is Ernie holding Bob right before we went in to the vet’s office. Sigh. I know.

9. Ok, am I crazy? Or does “This series is a combustible mix of emotion and emulsion” make no sense whatsoever? I kept looking for alternate definitions of emulsion. I did find one on Urban Dictionary but I don’t think it’s what they were going for. I just don’t know sometimes, and no, I did not watch it. The combination of emotion, emulsion and a fantasy room just sounded scary.

10. I had ice cream for lunch yesterday. What’s with putting so much chocolate in salted caramel ice cream, folks? If I want chocolate, I’ll get chocolate. However, it was good, particularly with a few salted peanuts on top.

11. Despite our listlessness without Bob, we actually made dinner. It was true August cooking. Corn on the cob and cucumbers from the farmers’ market, tomatoes via Steve and the smoked pork chops courtesy Triple S at the farmers’ market.

Onward to getting back to ‘real’ life. There are still more thank you notes to write and I owe some emails about t-shirts, etc. Oh, and I still have lots of posts to write about BVF.

Thank you so much for the kind words about Bob.

Photo at top is rare photo-documentation of me and Bob. He would sometimes visit me in the morning when I was still sleepy and Ernie was already up. Any port in a storm, I guess.

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