Sometimes it really is the small pleasures in life. A sunflower decided to reseed itself from…mmm…I don’t remember having sunflowers last year so who knows where. Somehow that sunflower seed found itself on the edge of our patio amongst some daylilies. Ernie thought it was a weed when it was small but I thought it looked like a sunflower so we left it. I checked with my friend Susan and she agreed it was a sunflower. So, we let him grow.

He grew and grew. As he got bigger he kind of pushed us out of the narrow walkway we have so I started calling him Buster. We’d head out the back door to the car and I’d say, “Hey Buster.” We watched him get taller and taller.

Yesterday we headed out and there was Buster and Buster was blooming. “BUSTER,” I yelled. Then Ernie yelled his name too. We were so proud of Buster and so delighted with that flower.

Small pleasures. Or then again, perhaps big pleasures.

Talking of small pleasures, we still have some Black-Volk Festival t-shirts left!

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We just adore these shirts. They were designed by the great Susan Bauer Lee, while Tim Lee handled the production. The front has the Black-Volk Festival info and on the back are listed ALL the artists that played at Sandwich Life House Concerts. I gotta say, it’s a hell of a list.


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All hail Buster and pleasures and music.

Love to all.