Chemo day and I stayed up too late reading last night. I don’t know that I was actually reading as much as letting my mind skitter around. Morning came way too soon. Fortunately, my husband amuses me and that makes everything bearable.

We headed over to the Cancer Center. The grumpy valet guy was particularly grumpy today. We got our favorite chairs in the waiting room though! Small pleasures matter. We headed back to see Vasireddy.

I hadn’t actually expected the results of the CT scan so soon.


The good news, well, the very, very good news is that the bladder tumor has shrunk in size. YES! GO Keytruda! The not so great news is that the prostate cancer is bubbling around in his liver. Vasireddy is in touch with Pachynski in St. Louis to discuss next plans. For the time being he pulled him off the Jevtana (cabazitaxel) which made for a much shorter chemo session today. Maybe PSMA therapy, maybe Zytiga…we shall wait and see.

Afterwards we went out to breakfast because it didn’t seem right to just go home.

Yes, another diner breakfast. Sammy’s today. $2 cheaper than OHOP. I’d call it a draw.
My purse: cancer center edition. Phone charger, vomit bag, protein bars, kleenex, slightly used, and a Depends. I am ready.
Buster abides.

Two very, very dear friends have recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Love you guys. More than I can say.


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