Saturday night I saw every single hour on the clock. Last night, I collapsed and slept incredibly hard. It felt so good to wake up having slept like that. So far, my back/leg pain seems a bit better since the steroid injection. I’m very-very-cautiously hopeful it will continue. Today, I went in and got cortisone shots in my knees. My back doctor said I shouldn’t have it done for three months, lucky the doctor that does my knees didn’t agree. They hurt like hell at the moment but the shots should kick in soon. Crossed fingers that these two things help with pain and mobility as I’m anxious to be out and about more.

When we were leaving the house for the appointment I sadly realized that with only Hattie, there’s no need to put someone in charge. It used to be when we left the house I would always put one of the cats in charge. Generally, it was Annie. After she was gone, most of the time I left Hattie in charge, because frankly, nobody wanted Bob or Rascal in charge. It’s just not the same.

The other day I took a hair tie out of my hair and set it on the bedside table before thinking that I need to put it in a drawer because otherwise Bob will get it. It still startles us that he is gone. Bob LOVED hair ties. And Lego wheels. When he managed to steal a hair tie would trot around the house triumphantly with it in his mouth, eventually depositing in his water bowl. One time, Ernie and Owen were in the basement and dug into a cupboard that had been built under the stairs. Our basement is unfinished and this thing was as creepy as hell. When they got into it however, they found the motherlode of all of Bob’s stolen hair ties and Lego wheels. It was sort of hard to get into, there was a shelf in front of it and he had to enter through a spot where the door was warped open. And let’s face it, Bob was not exactly the most athletic of cats. We were so proud of him.

We are doing another wander in a few days. I’ve got a few things planned but trying not to make it too structured. We’re heading back to the same neck of the woods as were so smitten.

Our yard is a complete disaster but thanks to Susan and Heather who planted seeds and plants respectively for me, there are glimmers of beauty. I love these nicotiana. They didn’t get as tall this year, some years they are as tall as me but I just love them, Hopefully they will reseed as they have done in the past. My kale is full of holes but damn I love that blue-green pop of color.

Sadly, Buster is not feeling well, but lord has he served us well.

At the top of this post is my latest emergency tomato delivery. Steve and Eva came by on Saturday with a bag of stunning tomatoes and peppers. We grew tomatoes for years and years and have benefited from Heather and Steve’s garden in the past but I SWEAR to you, this year I think these are some of the best tomatoes ever. And yes, that is Ernie’s beloved Rod Picott mug peaking out from behind those behemoths.

Off to planning the wander. Onward.