We didn’t have much planned for Friday. I was trying to make it not too exhausting for Ernie (and me of course). It’s a long drive home so I decided on only one stop.

We left our nice little hotel and went for breakfast. I’d had a place in downtown picked out but then I changed my pick. It was most certainly some kind of divine intervention because honestly, I had the hash browns of my DREAMS. I kid you not. Crunchy and crispy with lots soft bits underneath. Rosie’s Cafe in La Crosse. Highly recommended.

We mostly just meandered through the fields and hills and occasional small town. It felt wonderful.

Eventually we made it to our sole stop for the day: Dr. Evermor’s Sculpture Park.

Good God.

There truly isn’t a way to capture it. My photos aren’t great but then again I looked at professional shots of it and they don’t really capture it either. So worth a visit. Teri, I think we’ve found your happy place!

We sat and tried to take it all in before heading on our way. At that point we had to get back on the interstate. As we were whizzing through Madison I yelped when I saw two old hotels signs. We drove in circles for a bit trying to find our way to them. Eventually we made our way there. There were a few Mercedes parked in the parking lot and a couple of people poking around and one lone neon letter was lit. People getting ready to buy it all and tear it down? Who knows.

And with that, we trundled on home. A good wander.