We left our cabin the next morning. Never did find where we were supposed to put our trash so we drove around with it for the rest of the wander. Oh, well. We said good bye to the footless Viking and drove north to Alma. We found a spot for breakfast where we could see the river and the dam from our seat.

Both our new friends at the bar the night before, and our waitress that morning said we had to go to Buena Vista Park on the bluffs over Alma. The night before Ernie had been way, way too tired so I had already jettisoned most of our plans for the day. A drive up to the top of a bluff sounded about right.

We meandered our way up. We got to the parking lot and I tried to figure out how long a walk it was. I decided to give it a try with the big girl walker and I’m so glad I did.

We kept our plans simple. We wandered a bit further north, crossed over into Minnesota and then wandered down US 61 before crossing back into Wisconsin and coming to roost in La Crosse.

I just love these guys. I want to just attach them to our car and drive away. Can’t you just see them bobbing along?

Instead we made do with some of the best raspberries imaginable.

I couldn’t figure out the Prime Rib sign (below). I finally realized that it must have been reworked from an older sign as the lettering doesn’t really fit the shape. That’s my best guess anyway.

We drove a bit west of La Crosse to find this grotto at the Villa St. Joseph Franciscan.

Later we decided to have a drink at Del’s in La Crosse. It was a bit kitsched up but I liked it anyway. I like the beer shaped glass in the door and I’m a sucker for an oval bar.

We checked into our hotel. It had a little sitting area with the tv strangely low to the floor. Again, I am easily amused. We had planned to go out for dinner but damn….we were tired and the a/c felt nice. A little wine, a Hallmark movie or two and some takeout made for a pretty delightful evening. I can’t begin to tell you how delightful it is to hang out with my guy.


One thought on “September 2022 Wander: Day Two

  1. On my trip, I stayed in a hotel where I got upgraded to a suite but the TV volume wouldn’t go up past a certain level and I couldn’t hear anything from the couch with the A/C running – lol.