Buster just keeps working so hard. He is such a good guy.

We spent much of Sunday afternoon on Bob and Ann and Sophie’s porch. It was heavenly. Some wine, some popcorn, some apples and cheese, but more importantly, three beloved friends. It was VERY Urbana. They kept waving to all their neighbors from the porch, someone came by to borrow chicken stock and 6 Prius’s (Prii?) drove by. There were 7 but one was a repeat. Bob offered me a ride in the VW bus but I explained that I couldn’t do that until Owen had gotten a ride. Owen was very relieved when I told him. I know my boys.

I particularly love this photo because you can tell she’s rolling her eyes at her father.

Our exciting day yesterday was picking up barium for Ernie’s scan on Wednesday and then a quick drink at Huber’s. The popcorn is SO much better when my favorite bartender is working. I could tell Ernie was fading though so we didn’t stay long.

As we left Huber’s we were smitten by this bush with the eyes.

Without my zinnias I haven’t had as many butterflies but the asters are doing their job.

Nasturtiums just love this weather.

Ernie immediately fell asleep when we got home. He even slept through the evening news which is unheard of. Ernie loves his 5:30 news. A friend stopped by with a gorgeous bag of food (thank you SO much Nicole ❤️❤️❤️). It was so perfect. We of course ate the breakfast casserole for dinner and it was ridiculously good. Between that and a Hallmark movie, my boy perked up.

Later, Leo came down to show us the results of his photography of the night sky and a train signal. I can not WAIT to show people once he’s finished editing it and trusts me with it. It is stunning. I just love that boy. Oh, and it’s TAL week. She flies into Chicago and then Leo whisks her to Minneapolis for a weekend chasing the 261 steam engine. It’s his birthday too so I bought them tickets to ride it as well. I can’t wait to see her!

It’s freezing in this house. I just looked and it’s 61 degrees but damn…it’s just too early to turn on the heat. Ernie, of course, is wrapped in his heated blanket so he’s just fine.

Today, COVID booster for Ernie. Tomorrow, blood draw and CT scan, Thursday, chemo, Friday, Hattie has a vet appointment.