We are just back from a brief wander. We’re tired and are definitely having a quiet day. Leo left early to head over to the Monticello Railway Museum. It’s Railroad Days or something like that and he brought his train horn as they will have a compressor so he can let it blow, so to speak. Video to follow, hopefully.

I slept so hard that Ernie had to trudge upstairs to wake me as I wasn’t responding to the beeps of texts on my phone as I usually do. Now I’m curled up looking at pictures we took, Hattie is sleeping and Ernie is newspapering. Not too much more planned for the day.

We took off Wednesday morning with Buster and the morning glories waving us off. We had wanted to leave around 7 am and we managed to be on the road by 7:30. I was very proud of us.

We headed to Bloomington and then picked up I-39 to head north into Wisconsin. We got off the highway near the Wisconsin Dells. Good God in heaven, has it changed a lot since we’d been there last. Vestiges remain, despite the closed Tommy Bartlett Water Show and all the gigantic water parks and weird Roman ruin looking things.

After that we cut west and headed toward the Mississippi. We stopped here and there.

Look carefully and you can see the traces of the word LIVERY over the second floor door.
This old school was tucked in the middle of a storage facility of sorts. Poor little guy.

We’d planned to check into our little cabin along the water and then head back to Fountain City for dinner. We were damned tired by the time we got to our evening home however and that seemed too daunting. There was a bar and grill just down the street, just past the giant Viking who appears to have no feet.

The bar reminded us of our beloved Lighthouse Tavern that was on our street when we lived in Chicago. Lots of cross talk, interesting opinions and just to give it a Wisconsin twist, lots of Old Fashioneds too. We sat at the end of the bar in front of the window looking at the river. If we didn’t want to make the effort to turn our heads to the left, there was a live feed over the bar. This amused me no end.

A couple came in and sat next to us and we chatted about all sorts of things while they ate their pizza and drank their Old Fashioneds. They were delightful, as was the bartender. Eventually we ordered some food and took it back to our little cabin.

More to follow.