I felt better after I wrote yesterday’s post about Jim Eyre. Honestly, that’s why I keep this blog going, to help me process things and figure out where they fit in my life. I know I’m of an age where I will continue to lose friends but this one was hard. I loved him so. Thanks to those that left lovely comments. He was special.

Most of my day yesterday was taken up with that post. Thinking, writing, editing and then panicking when I somehow deleted the most recent version and trying to figure out how to revert back to the version I wanted. We had thought about a brief day wander but Ernie was feeling pretty tired.

Dinner was our first fall meal I think. A simple roast chicken with sweet potatoes served over a bed of greens (my lazy approach to vegetables).

This morning as I was reading in bed I suddenly heard the leaves sounding like fall. That quiet little rustle as the leaves start to dry a bit and the wind blows. Gave me shivers of happiness. Sorry, summer people.

The light is changing too.

Ernie in one of his Raye’s Mustard ads. If only he’d had the t-shirt on underneath. Last time Eva was over she made a dry comment about Ernie wearing his mustard hoodie again. Heh. I love her.

We were supposed to grill some pork steaks the other night but it was raining. I decided to sear them in a cast iron pan but then I remembered I gave Owen my large cast iron pan (everyone needs a cast iron pan). So I lazily punted and just threw them in a 500 degree oven until they were done. Can’t say I’ll do that again but it was still really tasty. The last of my beloved Heather and Steve’s tomatoes (look at the color of those things—and they tasted even better) with spinach/salad greens with olive oil and lemon balsamic vinegar. So simple but really tasty. I was SURE Ernie wouldn’t eat any of it but he cleaned his plate…I was thrilled.