I was feeling kinda rough yesterday so I cancelled most everything except for Hattie’s appointment at the vet. She had to be shaved…poor girl. Man, she was pissed but now I think she’s enjoying her new sleek softness. She does look as though she has a giant head now, but it’s a look, as they say. Just look at her, as much as she loves her Ernie, she’s still my girl.

I made an ok dinner last night. The concept was good…need to refine it a bit. It was chicken thighs braised with apples and mustard. I needed more mustard though. Next time…there’s definitely potential.

I give you Triple Mustard Man: Raye’s t-shirt, Raye’s hoodie and Raye’s can cooler.

This is one of those Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas. We planted this a few years ago because my sister Judi loved the color pink but it’s never done much. This is the pinkest and proudest it’s ever been. I am softening on it.

Nasturtiums just love this weather.

Unexpected pleasure of the day was a quick visit from Annette and Bill. No photographic documentation unfortunately.

Most importantly of all, it’s my sweet Leo’s birthday. Twenty-three years old. Happy birthday, Leo, with all my love. He’s with Tal in Minneapolis and I’m thinking they are having a great time. Can’t wait to have them both back here. The salt and pepper shakers are reunited!

And then there’s these two.

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