Look at that picture at the top. It’s a picture of my family saying good bye to Ann, Bob and Sophie on their porch and thanking them for dinner. There’s the bug on the street waiting for Owen and Trinity. I looked back as we got to our car and it just looked so beautiful that I had to save it with a picture.

It was such a wonderful evening. It’s the kind of evening that restores me.

Look at our beautiful family. Owen, Trinity, Tal and Leo
Sometimes you eat something that is high fodmap because it is worth every bite. Ann’s famous gumbo (taught to her by a little old Cajun lady in South East Texas).
Bob’s arm, Ernie, Trinity, Owen, Sophie, Ann, Leo and Tal
One of Ann’s inimitable brownies and pumpkin ice cream made by Sophie. I love my Rasmuses.

Sadly, it was Tal’s last night. Leo took her up to O’Hare the next day. I’m glad she made it safely back to her home in England but we were truly so sorry to have her go, nowhere near as sorry as my Leo of course, but very sorry just the same. We just love her and can’t wait to have her back although Leo will probably head over there before she comes back to the states.

After meeting Trinity and coming to love her so much as part of our family, I just couldn’t imagine being that lucky again. And then we got Tal. My boys have brilliant taste in partners.

It was an evening of so much laughter, so much incredible food and the best company in the world. ❤️❤️❤️