“After WWII, the Grotto of Our Lady of Fatima was erected between the church and the rectory. Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Piper, it was in thanksgiving for the safe return of all parish serviceman.”
From the “Ohio centennial book : commemorating the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the village of Ohio, 1877-1977.
Built 1871. Closed 1954.
Joseph LaFleur built this as a thank you after five of his ten children all returned from WWII and Korea.
We drove past this and I screeched so Ernie pulled into a driveway to turn around and go back to it. To the right of the driveway was a barn kind of down on its knees with trees growing through roof. On the car parked in the driveway was a single bumper sticker: PRINE.
One of three Illinois Central stone railroad bridges in Dixon. Just beautiful.
When I see this sign I always read it as, “Hey, Brothers!” I guess that’s because I have two boys. It was of course instead a company run by the Hey brothers. This is in Dixon, Ronald Reagan’s hometown, and reportedly they had a flavor called Dutch Chocolate in honor of him. Reagan outlasted the company as it closed in the 90’s.
I just love the stone in this area.
The Red Covered Bridge just north of Princeton in Dover Township, Bureau County, Illinois. Built in 1863, at a cost of $3,148.57 ($1,000 from Bureau County, $500 from Dover Township and the remaining $1548.57 from public subscription). The 149-foot span is one of ten remaining covered bridges in Illinois, and it is still open to traffic.
Amboy Motel on the Lincoln Highway.

Might still have a few more for you still to come.