First things first: TAL IS HERE! Oh, Leo too, of course. I’m so happy to have the salt and pepper shakers together again.

The rest of the day yesterday? Eh, not my favorite.

Ernie got his booster shot first thing and then we made periodic attempts to clean. I discovered that you can’t sweep without bending over a bit. Add that to the list of simple things that are really hard for me to do. So, by the time we left for Carle, my back was killing me. I tried taking Aleve. That never seems to do much for me and yesterday was no different. Oh well.

One bright spot in the day (other than Tal) was that I discovered it is MUCH easier to get to the green elevators by parking in the Heart and Vascular Institute parking lot. They have valet parking as well. We were in the MRI Suites in no time flat. Ahhhh. So much better.

We were there early (my fault) and innocently hoped he’d get in early. Nah. They were running a half hour late. I sat in that waiting room for about 3 and a half hours. Really helped my back as you can imagine.

Normally they let me go back and sit with him until he’s ready (he gets Xanax beforehand) but not this time. Ok, and normally, as I’m his driver (and they won’t even do it unless he has a driver) they let me know when he’s almost done so I can go and pull the car up. Didn’t happen.

I’m sitting there, shifting around uncomfortably, wondering if he will ever be done, and I get a text from Ernie saying that they are taking him to the front door. I’m texting back, trying to figure out what’s going on. Eventually he texts and says that he in front of HVI and our car is there (because valet parking was closed). I stand up and look at the receptionist and say, “Nobody called me to let me know my husband was done. He’s already outside.” She just looked at me blankly so I said, “Normally I’m told ahead of time to go get the car.” She continued to look at me blankly and not say anything. Eventually she said, “Oh.” Now, I get that it’s not HER mistake but for God’s sake…say something. I finally looked at her and said, “Could you just say I’m sorry or something like that?” She nodded and said something to the effect of, “OK.” I stormed out as much as one can storm out with a walker.

I will say that rage does make one not notice pain as walking back was a breeze. Then I had to find the phone number to call security to get the keys to our car. Then I was having trouble getting my walker in the car and Ernie, in his drugged up state, made the mistake of saying, “It’s not that hard.” I got in the car and said, “You know how when a woman is in labor you don’t say to her, “It’s not that bad,?” He said, “Are you equating getting in the car to labor?” Things did not go well from there. At least security got there quickly with our car keys.

We got a text from Leo saying he and Tal were home so we sucked it up and got over it. Geez, I’m tired of MRI’s and tests. No wonder we get cross with each other.

We got home and I got to hug Tal and Leo which made me SO damn happy and the afternoon faded away (well, kinda…I’m still pissed). We sat and talked with them which was delightful. Eventually I ordered some Thai and we collapsed. I went to bed at 9:00, which isn’t unusual but normally I read for a few hours. Not last night. I’m not even sure why I was SO exhausted but I was.


3 thoughts on “Tal is here and my MRI rage

  1. Leo AND Tal!!!! You lucky girl!!!!! I must say, I LOVE the conversations you have with a drugged up Ernie!!!!

  2. Honey, can you not try the medical marijuana for your chronic pain? I have been able to reduce my morphine intake by over 100 mgs. Just by introducing the medical and losing weight. I vape weed so it doesn’t stink up the joint. 🫵🏻 Saved me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ There’s always a 5mg. Gummy. Delicious and in 30 minutes…yes Mama. 🤤👍🏻 There is zero drooling.
    I love you. Feel better. 💛

  3. Just wanted to give you a big virtual hug, I’ll be around sometime in the near future (week or so?) to really/actually give you one! Sometimes things are just so hard/frustrating/sucky. I think you do great & so does Ernie.

    Awwww–look at how cute Leo & Tal are! ♥