I’ve been a bit quiet as life has been a bit quiet. Watching the leaves turn and glow has been a pleasure though. Yet another reminder of how fleeting everything is.

Ernie and I both had flu shots yesterday and feel pretty tired today. Who knows if it’s the shot or not but glad to have gotten it.

I’m behind on lots of emails and the like. I’ve been turned inward more than a bit for the last couple of months but I am trying to poke my nose out a little more often.

However, the BIG news in our house is that Owen came over and put in the new burner for our stove. The big right burner on our stove…the biggest one that is the most powerful….hasn’t been working six months or more. I ordered the ridiculously expensive part months ago. Instead of simply installing it we have persevered, swearing at the smaller burners on the left side and grumbling. Fortunately, Owen came over with his drill and other tools and popped it in for us.

And now, some random photos from the past week or so. Random is as random does.

Letting my kale take a few more frosts before picking it…and my little nasturtiums hanging on. I love them so.
Why, yes, that is a bit of mustard in the corner of the yard
Sometimes I can listen to David Olney, sometimes it still hurts too much. This version of We’re All Innocent in Here is one of my late night faves though.
Haven’t had Papa Del’s in a while but finally figured out the perfect order: gluten free, extra well done, light cheese, light sauce. I think they felt sorry for me as they went way heavy on the sausage.
Hattie emerging from her under the blanket lair
I must say, the roasted chicken thigh with sumac was excellent….but the vegetables won the plate. Sweet potato roasted with the chicken and a pea puree (with a little leftover broccoli thrown in, as well as a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Sadly, Schnuck’s doesn’t seem to have the shrimp I liked so much anymore, but we had one bag in the freezer. Dusted with cornstarch and spices, then sautéed and plopped on a plate of salad greens.


3 thoughts on “The big burner is back, the big burner is back!

  1. LOVE the picture of Ernie and Owen working on the stove. And of course the picture of Hattie. She’s so pretty!!!