Thursday? Really? It feels like a bit of a lost week. Ernie was sick over the weekend and we blamed it on chemo. We blame everything on chemo, it comes in handy like that. It turns out it wasn’t chemo though as a couple of days later it hit me too. Just stomach stuff but enough to knock me out for a couple of days. I also got my booster but this was after that. The booster just made me tired and gave me a sore arm.

We finally have an appointment at Barnes for a PSMA treatment consult. Not until early November unfortunately. Getting an appointment there can be a frustrating enterprise but it’s only a few weeks from now I suppose. This is the treatment we considered when looking at clinical trials. At the time we were disqualified from any clinical trials because of his surprise bladder cancer, but it has now been approved so not in the trial stage anymore. Please think good thoughts.

I rather liked this wall of glass block. Perhaps not historically accurate, but it has a certain style to it.
I was on the couch not feeling great but every time I looked up I saw fall in the window.

Hattie 2.0 is doing well. Between being shaved, cold weather coming on and being an only cat, she has now become my barnacle although she does makes trips to Ernie’s side as well. Her fur is coming in nicely although she’s still got that giant lollipop head/tiny body thing going on. My girl.

Sending love and healing thoughts to our beloved Johnathan.


The top picture is from Hennepin, Illinois. My best guess is that it’s the former Vic’s Tap. I did my damndest trying to find an older picture of it to no avail. I did find a mention or two. Here, here (p. 4) and here.