Early yesterday morning, I got up to go to the bathroom. Upon coming back to bed I paused and bent over slightly to pick up Hattie and move her so I could lie down. As I did I felt my back go PING. Damn it all to hell. I got into bed trying to lie still and flat. Didn’t help. Ernie came up and put a high octane lidocaine patch on me and I dozed for a bit. I came downstairs but it was hurting pretty bad. Eventually I took a pain pill but damn I hate how those make me feel. So another pretty quiet day. I can’t complain though, we didn’t have any appointments or the like planned.

Leo came home and we chatted a bit. We made a date to watch some episodes of the new Andor series. We tried to decide what to do for dinner. Ideas were tossed around before we weakened and decided to order Papa Del’s. After getting trapped in voice mail holds we finally gave up and I forced myself to go to the kitchen.

We had a container of mixed greens (chard, spinach and arugula). Ernie got a pot of water started. I put some butter in a separate pan and started it melting. I pulled out the container of greens and chopped them very roughly. Ernie reminded me that I had butter on the stove. Whoops. Wait…no, it was perfect browned butter! I threw all the greens in and just cooked them a few minutes til wilted. We drained the pasta and added the buttery greens in along with some pasta water and then some parmesan. Oh, and I had added a few chipotle pepper flakes in with the butter. Other than that, just salt and pepper. It turned out to be so good. Next time I would double the greens as they cook down so much. We finished up just in time to curl up with our bowls of pasta (and Leo) and watch our show.

Below is the sandwich Ernie made me for my lunch. Sometimes gluten free bread is miniscule so he made it a triple decker and brought it to me complete with toothpicks and a label.

My back is better today. Not as good as I thought it was when I first woke up, but better.

Tomorrow Ernie has a blood draw, the next day we see Vasireddy and then he gets his Keytruda infusion. Two weeks from tomorrow we head to St. Louis for his consult. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get things started.