Talk about feeling thankful…

Poor Owen got totally cut out of the above shot except for a bit of elbow. That is patently unfair because Owen did the lion’s share of the work yesterday. I have told him that I am officially passing the turkey platter to him next year. Granted it’s a platter from Goodwill that we spent $1 on, but it still represents our Thanksgivings to me.

Ernie felt pretty good yesterday but his energy does flag. And I struggled with my back (man, am I hurting today!) so I just faded as the day went on. I eventually took one of Ernie’s pain pills which I’m not crazy about doing but it did help.

Owen had said he’d come over early to help with cleaning. He got here, Leo came downstairs and instead of jumping to work we all sat in the living room for a bit and just talked. It was heavenly. I love them so. Then they did jump in to sweeping and picking up, etc. Owen just stepped into the kitchen and took over. I am beyond grateful to him and pretty damn impressed.

Everyone trickled in, Owen’s best friend, Duncan joined us, and my BIL Dennis of course (plus my sister Debbie and Teri and Brian in absentia). We were absolutely thrilled to have Trinity’s mom, Jennifer, and sister, Tinley, join us. Between Ernie’s health and COVID we had never met before. Crazy, I know. It was such a relief and pleasure to finally have them with us. One of the great things about, first Trinity, and then Tal, is that I feel as though our little family is expanding and that touches my heart. Losing my dad in 2008, my sister in 2009 and my mother in 2010 made our family feel so small. It feels wonderful to have it growing to include not only Trinity and Tal, but also Jennifer and Tinley.

My cooking kinda sucked this year but you know, it happens, particularly when you’re struggling a bit. I made the worst gravy I’ve ever made in my life (I’m blaming gluten free flour….perhaps?). I don’t think it really mattered in the end though. Trinity made fabulous deviled eggs, Duncan assisted with the peas for which he was quite proud, Jennifer jumped in and oversaw Leo’s fries and also brought classic chicken and noodles and pumpkin roll. The kitchen was crowded with Owen and Trinity, Duncan and Tinley finishing everything. Owen carved the turkey beautifully.

I also forgot to take pictures. I really wanted a picture of us all, damn it!

Owen and Jennifer
waiting for my gin to hit me (so to speak)
I forgot to take a picture before we destroyed it all
see? you really CAN’T have too many flint compotes!
Classic Duncan and Owen
Loved watching the sisters together!
Trinity looking beautiful and Hattie stealing Daisy’s bed
Not my best turkey but it looked good!
Breakfast this morning and what it’s all about: the turkey sandwich