I think my cold is finally starting to lift. Hallelujah. I did a COVID test the other day just to check before Ernie’s treatment this week and I guess it’s a garden variety cold. Just the same, I stayed home. I hate, hate, hate doing that but even if I’m wearing a mask, I just don’t want to go to the infusion suite with a cold. As I said to Leo, it’s just not the healthiest looking group of people in there. Ernie assured me that both he and Vasireddy missed me greatly.

Yesterday I sniffed and blew my nose and worked on my Thanksgiving spreadsheet. I have since been ridiculed by loved ones for this but I stand by my spreadsheet.

We went to Schnuck’s this morning and did some Thanksgiving shopping. I was trying it with my cane (Joe the shillelagh) but it was rough going and finally Ernie looked at me and asked me if I wanted my walker. I nodded sadly. I perched on a bench near the entrance to wait while he went to get it. Ernie took Joe and walked to the other end of Schnuck’s. He didn’t hold it like a cane, no, he gripped it halfway down and twirled it like a baton. Then he used it like a cane for a bit but with the Ernie flair. I just sat there giggling watching him. He came back with the walker, jauntily dragging it alongside him with one hand on it. Good God, I just could not love him more.


Top picture: Hattie refuses to get up when I do. Yes, those are vomit bags and a Lego Anakin clock by Ernie’s side of the bed. I guess I could get him a grown up clock, but Anakin works.