Winchester. Such a handsome town.
Construction began in 1860 and finished in 1865
Here’s what it looked like in 1934 when HABS documented it.
Shoulda gone back at night for another photo. Next time.

We drove on to Louisiana, Missouri. Absolutely STUNNING town. Incredible building stock. Did I get pictures of it all? Well, no, but honestly….so beautiful. I had thought maybe we’d get an afternoon cocktail but there was nary a place open. We stopped at a beautiful little park right along the river and tried to absorb some of that beauty. As we were driving along the little one way street to the park we passed a picture perfect white Gothic church. The doors were open and as we looking in there a wedding, with the bride and groom facing each other at the alter. It was so perfect we just laughed. Taking a picture seemed intrusive so we just tucked it away in our minds.

I loved the little clock on this yellow Victorian.
LOOK at those windows!
A bit of the Clark 54 Drive-In left

We stopped in at Lindsay’s tavern back in Pittsfield and it was just lovely. Everyone was super friendly and it felt genuine. Loved everything about it. I had my traditional glass of wine, he had a beer and we drank a toast to our beloved Jim and Diana just because it seemed the right thing to do.

We stayed at the Watson Hotel and it was wonderful. It’s an 1838 building (where Lincoln reportedly stayed). The facade is early 20th century but if you look from the side you can see the earlier building. Inexpensive and lovely. We would definitely stay there again.

amazing octagonal courthouse across from the hotel
Oldest house in town, c. 1838

Tomorrow we head down to Barnes for a consult.


Top photo: an old school in Time, Illinois. Yes, Time.