I’m feeling moderately blue today so I am putting an inspiring example of perseverance above the title.

Yes. It’s our dear friend Buster. He is pretty much dead, dried and bare, and yet? Another blossom.

I took a picture of him yesterday and told him he was the most wonderful sunflower ever. Certain people may make fun of me for naming Buster and talking to him, however, as I walked ahead to the house, I could hear Ernie giving him soft words of encouragement.

Attn: Debbie. The boys have completed their rebuild of the Millennium Falcon ❤️
Ok, I know you’ve seen similar pictures here of late, but this was the BEST ONE YET! I think part of it was using a big bunch of Swiss chard from Farmer Greg…some parmesan, some pasta water, a bit of butter/olive oil, salt and red pepper flakes. Tossed it all in the food processor after the chard was wilted and then stirred it in with the gluten free pasta. So simple, so good.
Another inspiring shot. Don’t count out the morning glories. Most of them are gone but a few are sticking their necks out and deciding to bloom again.
I love fog. Looking out my bedroom window the other night
There’s always something about an abandoned church. Here it now (above) and two years ago (below) and a look at it in 2011


2 thoughts on “Random is as random does

  1. Nothing like a subsiding, formerly lovely church and foggy weather to make you blue, and a good plate of pasta to buck up the spirits. Hang in and hang on – you two are doing an amazing job of dealing!