I woke up feeling better yesterday. I’m sad that I didn’t get to the Rosebowl to see my friend Jay Rosenstein on Sunday but I decided I HAD to rest and get over this damn cold or whatever it is. One of these days, Jay. One of these days.

The Thanksgiving spreadsheet has been activated! Yesterday involved cleaning and decluttering the kitchen. Then we made gravy base and did the cranberry sauce. Two things to be highlighted (meaning done) on the spreadsheet. It felt good.

Today? Well, let me check the spreadsheet. Meat pie (tourtiere) filling, in fact I may go ahead and bake it today. Perhaps the ginger cheesecake? Tomorrow I’ll make the stuffing and the corn pudding. What else? Oh, season the turkey, make some herb butter, prep the prosciutto for the peas, grate the carrots. Oh yeah, and then the hardest part…clean the bathroom, clear the table off, etc.

It could get ugly as I have never claimed to be a neat cook.

Last night’s dinner. Zucchini pasta


Top photo: I love that cat and I want to kill her. She is very loud and demanding. God forbid we not want to go upstairs to bed when she wants us to.

One thought on “The spreadsheet has been activated

  1. Hattie’s eye color in that photo is *fantastic*!

    Oh…your meat pie! Yum and double YUM!!! Enjoy that!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Ernie & your young men! Glad to have you in my life! ♥