I swore I wouldn’t be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve but there I was. I actually didn’t finish until Christmas morning. Owen and Trinity did Christmas morning with her family and then headed over here mid day, which allowed me to put off finishing wrapping until Christmas itself. I don’t know why, I actually enjoy wrapping presents. But at least I wrapped all the presents this year—some sort of karmic balance for all the times Ernie did more than his fair share late at night after the boys were in bed.

We all agreed that Christmas is bound to be a disappointment next year as this year felt so darn perfect. They all seemed thrilled with their presents and were generous to us as well. I love them so. I can’t wait until Tal can be with us some Christmas too.

Leo was absolutely thrilled with this ICRR signal/lantern. Thanks to Jody for this!!
You gotta feel good when you get that reaction to a present. Owen is now the proud owner of a sewing machine. My mother would be so thrilled!
So glad Trinity is part of our family now.
The boys always exchange their gifts to each other on Christmas Eve, just as my sisters and I always did.

Unfortunately, Ernie was still feeling pretty bad from his treatment and I was a bit under the weather too so after opening presents and hanging out we handed the ham, a bag of potatoes and some broccoli to Owen and Trinity and sent them home to cook their own dinner. I told them it was kind of another Christmas gift as although dinner with all of this would be great, it would be a treat for them to be on their own as well.

Ernie and I curled up, took a teensy nap, then ate leftovers in front of the tv as we watched Miracle on 34th Street.

It was truly a merry and happy Christmas despite everything. We are so blessed with our loved ones. Sending love out to all of you.