I was worried about Ernie this week but we tried hard to keep dehydration at bay, making him drink lots of water and Gataorade when necessary. He was ok for his Keytruda infusion and various injections, however, so that was good. We had to see a different oncologist because our beloved Vasireddy is out of town. He was perfectly nice but didn’t wear his mask for most of the appointment. He’d pull it up occasionally so he wasn’t totally unaware. Damned if I know. He had to google Ernie’s treatments. We were in there for a long time. He kind of mumbled to himself and I just couldn’t follow him. Vasireddy has spoiled us. Sigh.

Unfortunately I was not able to go back to the infusion suite with him. We heard various reasons for this…I thought it was because of COVID numbers but it was not quite clear. Ernie got Pod One but he said it was very quiet. I sat in the waiting room wishing people would move out of my favorite seats—to no avail.

Now we’re home and Ernie is dozing. I’m trying to decide what would make me happy. I’m going with one of my favorite NRBQ songs, When It Rains at the Drive-In. I think this will do it.

I need more live music in my life.


One thought on “December 29, 2022

  1. Your choice of songs reminded me of a tale from my high school days. My girlfriend and I went to a drive-in to see “Lawrence of Arabia” – with all those fabulous expanses of sand desert – and an absolute downpour hit. And lasted for the evening. The deserts just didn’t have the impact that David Lean intended. It was awful and hilarious at the same time. 😵‍💫