Good God in heaven, I was so WHINY in yesterday’s post. I am so sorry. I try to keep that to a minimum here although I know I’m not successful at times. In fact part of the reason I continue to write here is because it gives me a spot to document all the good things in our lives. Keeping things in perspective is just easier some days than other days.

My beloved friend Jonathan Hall is always good for a brilliant meme or two. He posted this today.

I couldn’t help but think that Leo had the exact same expression when we asked him to drop us off at the Cancer Center at 6:30 am. Heh. He was gracious about it despite that. Valet parking doesn’t start until 7 and while Ernie told us he he was fine to walk back and forth to the parking garage, Leo and I both deemed him crazy. Uh, no.

Thank God we got a room rather than a pod. I was so damn bleary that about an hour in I just crawled into bed with Ernie. We both curled up and slept for quite a while, except for the requisite beeps, IV changes and blood pressure checks, etc. Now I’m just sorry I didn’t let myself crawl into a bed with him all those other times he was in a hospital bed and I was blearily listing in a chair.

Sometime around lunch they gave Ernie a surprisingly good ham sandwich, which he ate! His weight is down more, which is great in some ways and is probably a good weight for him, but it just doesn’t leave him much reserve if he gets very ill again. Anyway, GO, ham sandwich!

Yesterday I was feeling stressed and discombobulated. After reading Tim Ghianni’s heart-wrenching words about Peter Cooper I just sobbed and forbade Ernie from reading it, at least for now.

I put a little sticky note on my computer screen of things I could accomplish while I was sitting here today. Ha!

On a bright note, my horrid leg pain is a bit better which makes me so happy. If I have to deal with this occasionally that’s fine but if it stayed like it was initially I didn’t know how I was going to manage.

Ok, I’m starting to ramble. I better stop.

Ernie’s got one more bottle of his IVIG to drip into him, then a second Benedryl infusion because the last few times the platelets have given him hives, then the platelets, then a half hour wait for bloodwork and then DONE. I would LOVE to be done by 5:00 but who knows!


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