First and foremost, please send love, thoughts and prayers to our utterly beloved friend Peter Cooper who has a brain injury and is in critical condition, as well as for his family and all of us that are struggling to wrap our hearts and heads around this. For better or worse, when I love, I love really, really hard. I realize I don’t know Peter intimately as his close friends and family do but just the same there is a bond there, one that is important to me. I love him very much. You are in our hearts Peter, and that won’t change.

I was so unutterably sad to miss my beloved Teri’s 60th birthday blow out with, YES, our beloved Tom Mason. There’s FOMO and then there’s just plain missing out. Broke my heart not to be there but Ernie and Leo represented. It sounds like it was a glorious night. Kudos to Carrie, Nancy and Michelle who did so much for this.

No, I don’t know why Ernie looks frightened.

And for all of you that count on Ann’s brownies to be at a house concert, yes, of COURSE she was one of the winners of the Bake-off. Her brownies are now legendary which somewhat embarrasses her but it’s her own fault….she has achieved perfection and now takes it for granted.

I can’t believe Tom Mason was in town and yet I couldn’t drag him to our house to sit and talk.

I was grumpy and whiny (to myself) Saturday night when Ernie and Leo were at the party. I watched the end of Dead to Me which we’d enjoyed but it turned into a somebody dying of cancer kind of thing so we’d stopped. After that I poked around but I’m bad at watching tv when I’m alone so I took my phone and my cat and went upstairs. Of course as soon as Ernie got home she trotted downstairs. Traitor.

Please God, make the Warnock emails stop. I guess I should be saying, “Please God, make Warnock win,” but honestly….I can’t wait for the emails to stop. At one point I was counting how many I got but that stopped being fun.

I was supposed to make a kielbasa app for Teri’s party but I just felt too lousy to do it so we have a bunch of kielbasa in our refrigerator. I was in a FOUL mood yesterday but then again I wanted to eat so we forged ahead. Ernie put a pot of water on and once it was boiling I threw some gluten free gnocchi in to cook. I also chopped up a huge bunch of broccoli raab. Ernie sliced up some of the kielbasa and browned it in a pan. I planned to brown the gnocchi a bit but it just stuck and I didn’t really care so I just threw the kielbasa back into the pan along with a bit of the gnocchi water and all the broccoli raaab. I let it simmer a bit until the it was wilted. We tossed it with parmesan. It was pretty damn good. Next time a few red pepper flakes and a bit of lemon perhaps? I don’t know which picture I like best because that’s the kind of day it is so here…

I’m feeling a bit better. Hope to jump back into real life soon.


Top photo: my beautiful traitorous girl

One thought on “Random notes December 5, 2022

  1. Always sending good wishes your way. I always enjoy your posts whether it’s good news or bad news or something in between I’ll happily, enthusiastically second everything you had to say about Peter on the long list of things we are grateful to him for is his having introduced us in Nashville that day at the Hall of Fame Museum. Ramona and I both love Peter as well. I have a long list of amazing Peter stories that I will share with you another time peace and love and all the very best do you and Ernie.