I gotta say, yesterday really went as well as it could have. Leo dropped us off, we got started on time and Ernie had no reactions to the IVIG so they didn’t have to slow it down. Our nurses were all lovely to boot. We got out of there just a minute or two before 5 pm. Overall, ten hours and fifteen minutes. Leo picked us up and I could have wept with relief that we were going home.

After hanging out with Leo a bit we collapsed on the couch and just muttered inarticulately to one another periodically. Thankfully, Owen and I had made a big batch of Cynthia style chili the day before. We split it up so they could take theirs home and add beans, while we were good to go. As much as we almost felt too tired to eat I went ahead and warmed some up for us and ohhhhhh did it ever make us feel better. Never forget the power of good simple food. It had lots of vegetables in it and some spice and restored us a bit. Nonetheless we climbed upstairs and went to bed early.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn tired despite sleeping hard. I came downstairs and Ernie was NOT looking good. He had his hood up, was covered in blankets, including his beloved heated blanket, but was still shivering. He’d managed to eat a banana but nothing else. He had a terrible headache which evidently is a common side effect of the IVIG. I tried to get him to take his nausea medicine, which was sitting right next to him, but he couldn’t manage it. I got up and got it for him. I hate it when he feels that bad. My poor sweet pea. I love him so.

By midday he was perking up and ate a bit. We proclaimed it a lazy recovery day. We watched one Hallmark movie and a marathon of Dance Moms. I know, I know. I’m shocked too.