I’m supposed to be starting the year with a positive outlook.


Ernie’s not feeling too well. I did a quick Instacart order to get a few things for him. It never showed up despite being marked as delivered.

I will grant you that our house isn’t the easiest to find but I have DETAILED directions in the notes. Does anyone ever read them? NOOOO and it ENRAGES me.

So, somewhere in Champaign is a sweet innocent little order of Pepto-Bismol, gingersnaps and a probiotic looking for a home.

I feel an inappropriate level of rage toward this Instacart driver. Did they text me? Did they call me?

I reported it missing. The help chat refunded it and gave me a $10 credit although that’s not showing up in my account.

More rage.

In the meantime I asked Leo to drive Ernie to the dispensary. Ernie’s the only one with the medical license and it does make it a lot cheaper but he was too weak to drive so Leo took him. Now they’re going to the store. I told Ernie if he goes in he HAS to take Leo with him. I think he wanted to argue but I said, “You’re WEAK.” He agreed and said Leo will go with him.

I hate this fucking shit. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Quick. Think of something good, Cynthia.


Owen’s going to turn 21 in two days.

This guy.

Ok, onward.

One thought on “A spot of rage for the new year

  1. Forced positivity is toxic. Truth and expressing a spot of rage is healthy. Well done, you. To more competent Instacart delivery people in the new year. Cheers to 2023!