I sent another note to the doctor’s office saying that Ernie wasn’t getting better and had barely been able to leave the house since before Christmas. So, they got him in for an infusion of more fluids and potassium and started him on steroids. Leo graciously ran and picked up the pills so Ernie could start them as soon as he got home. To the best of my understanding (take that for what you will) they didn’t want to rush to put him on steroids as they can interfere with the efficacy (Ernie always has to walk me through pronouncing that word…think I finally have it) of the Keytruda. Life is so damn complicated. We shall see what happens.

This morning however, he was actually hungry which is good as he was down another five pounds when they weighed him yesterday. My beautiful, skinny boy.

Owen came by for a visit yesterday. We listened to the new Ian Hunter song. It sounds fantastic but I must admit I’d rather have the Rant band playing on it that the host of guest stars. Whatever makes Ian happy though. And it does stick in my head.

Our guy turns 84 this year.


I also played him the intro to another Ian song for Owen. I don’t even play the whole song that often, I just love to play the intro and watch the band come of stage. You know that feeling, when you’re waiting for music to start, then the lights go down and you can see a few figures on stage? Yeah, THAT feeling. I think this intro captures that feeling so well.

Go ahead….watch the first two minutes and change of this:


Owen didn’t know about the time I met Ian at a signing and lost all ability to speak so I told him that story and we giggled a lot. That was ten years ago. It was the weekend of Van’s first Black Dog House Concerts show with our beloved Rod Picott. Yes, it was a hell of a weekend.

Yes, I am a tad flushed.

And on a last happy albeit somewhat wistful note…it was seven years ago TODAY that Aaron Lee Tasjan played at our house with Bonnie Whitmore. Damn that was a fantastic show. One of my favorites, and given some of the shows we’ve had, that’s saying a lot.

Wishing myself a happy ALTaversary.


One of these days we’ll put the ornaments away but for now, I’m enjoying then just hanging out on the dining room table.