I realize my posts have become rather one-note. Well, two-note I suppose: cancer and food. As always though, for better or worse, what I write here is a pretty honest reflection of my life. So, at the moment, that’s just where we are. Hope to get out of the house one of these days.

I had applesauce with a pork chop last night and it brought my childhood flashing back to me. I could have been sitting at that oval table in the kitchen in our house in Lisle. It’s funny, I like applesauce but it’s somehow nothing I ever fed the boys much. Well, I think I tried to get Leo to eat some but that wasn’t really a fair test for applesauce. When I was a kid it seemed we always had a jar of applesauce in the refrigerator and I think it was one of my Mom’s standard oh-what-the-hell-else-am-I-going-to-put-on-this-plate kind of things. I remember it mostly with pork chops, but I didn’t realize how deep that taste memory of pork and applesauce was buried inside me. What pleasure.

On a more exciting note, Ernie is eating again! The steroids are helping. They haven’t solved everything and we have a long, long

way to go, but it’s so nice to see him hungry again and with a bit more energy.

leftover fried rice with asparagus
and an egg

It’s been a quiet weekend. We were hoping to see friends on Friday and again on Saturday but it didn’t work out. It was ok though. Ernie wasn’t feeling great but at least we are hopeful that he WILL be feeling better. We watched skating on tv, something we haven’t done in ages, and it felt comforting. It made me think of watching skating with my Mom, a million years ago, as we busily worked on our crewel embroidery.


Top: Lawrence Peterson, Crewel Embroidery (Border), c. 1938, National Gallery of Art