We had our rescheduled late birthday lunch with Owen, Trinity and Leo yesterday afternoon at Fries and Peanuts (the Esquire). Kerry did a masterful job of carding Owen and serving him his first official beer. A Riggs lager. Like father, like son. Although Ernie’s not drinking these days he did have a celebratory beer with Owen. Probably a bad idea in hindsight but sometimes you have to say the hell with it all.

It was such a treat to be out and see friends! ❤️

One last Happy birthday to my Owen.

The evening was pretty quiet. It’s never a good sign when Ernie puts his hood up. Poor little gnome.

I made a batch of gruel, well, I guess congee, for Ernie today. Remember when I used to make gruel all the time for him? He lost his taste for it when he was in the hospital this Spring. However it’s started to sound good again to him.

I’m going to make another batch in the slow cooker tonight and see how it turns out.

Last night I told myself I was going to catch up on all the emails and messages I need to do today. But guess what? I’m not. I’m going to attempt to relax. I’m going to read. I’m going to watch some trashy tv. I’m going to practice deep breathing and I’m going to make some more gruel for Ernie and constantly nag him to drink his Pedialyte. We’ve moved on from Gatorade. Go, electrolytes, go! If it were during the week I’d try to get him in for more fluids. I probably should have done that on Friday. Sometimes it’s so hard to know what to do. We’ll get him through the weekend and then we’ll see.

I’ve got to get Hattie in to see Dr. Mary on top of everything else.

Timing, Hattie, TIMING.